The salient issue

I wrote just over a dozen devotions recently, but only two I decided to submit. I realized that the rest were flawed in some way and they wouldn’t be conducive to the reader’s sensibilities. So, I have refiled them in another kind of folder.

It’s probably a universal thing, that 10 percent or less of what writers write is really suitable for publication.

I don’t know about you, but I reckon the pieces I rejected myself weren’t worth submitting. I know some may say, how do you know, someone else may see it differently.

But I sensed something was not right about them. Off-putting.

As well, there are so many messages a writer may communicate that only a few are articulated well enough. The rest may not sound true, or they sound uneasy, unsettling, a reader wouldn’t like it.

Ideally, the one or few messages a writer puts out there should be the most salient that runs through all of their work.

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