Willing to learn

When I was younger, the jobs I liked the look of had the following disclaimer: “Must be willing to learn”. No pressure, then.

Today, must be willing to learn is, well, still a must, and I think I’m getting the hang of it.

It’s all fine to write lucid pieces that are strung together by one’s stream of thoughts, but putting each thought in blocks of two, three or four, is actually the way to do it. Lesson learned.

Didn’t she tell you that? The editor…

Yep. But I wasn’t listening.

But other editors are giving me a chance, and I think why I haven’t gone to base two with them is because I need more structure to my writing.

Lesson learned. Hopefully, it works….

Or am I imagining that are going to reject the last pieces I sent, but would surely accept my newly refurbished ones, the ones with more structure?

Time will tell.

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