Take the pressure off. We don’t have to read everything on the bookcase

I like to finish things, so that’s why I propose a way of organizing one’s bookcase, so one can have a sense of accomplishment in one’s reading at the end of one’s life.

Before I do, I should mention that people have different reading styles as some like to ponder and others like to go fast.

So, I guess this post is more inclined for those who ponder more than run, as they won’t get through a whole book case or cases in their lifetime. Why not streamline it?

I say it to me first: Dear Pete, finish that set of books instead of dabbling in many. It may be tempting to explore the nether regions, but more importantly, finish your most cherished set of books before the days of your life runs out. In doing so, read them thoroughly, and read them all. That’s all you have to do with reading, is get to the end of that set of books, read right through, cover to cover.

This may be sacrilegious to quite a few writers as they are told to read widely, but I am saying this for the contemplative readers, who don’t keep up with the fast readers. It may be better for them to complete reading a set of books rather than dabble.

Actually, I think it’s better for the slower readers and the faster readers, because it’s just plain tidier to finish a set of books and give the author of those books some kudos.

You may have begun with variety, but hone it down to one set of books and finish those thoroughly. It’s not too much to ask because the pressure is off one from reading everything that comes your way, especially those annoying but tempting little ads.

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