One of things I’ve learnt from reading the Bible is that everyone is equal because they are made in God’s image, everyone. Another thing I’ve learnt is that human beings also fall short of the glory of God. Not in terms of being under God, as being under God is where we all stand, irrespective of being fallen or not, but in terms of having an inclination to be off-side God through the Fall. So, how do we even out the void between us and God, as we all fall short of the glory of God? How can we make ourselves right with God? We can’t. On our own, we can’t rely on our God-given goodness to level it out. But we can rely on Jesus to even out the void between us and God and make us whole. That’s what I found, that in confessing to God my short-comings (my ‘sins’) that make me broken and fragile before God, I have well-being and wholeness, because Jesus heals me from my sins and sows up the void between me and God.

Some will say that Jesus is for people who think they have done somethings so wrong that they need help. Others say that Jesus is for druggies. The rest of us are all good. But even if we haven’t sinned that much in our lives, and even if we have, we all have a basic void between us and God. It’s like a chasm between us and God. Our souls can be dead, like deserts, until we ask Jesus into our lives and he lightens us with his Spirit and heals us. He takes the weight away that lies heavy on our souls. He rolls back the stone over our hearts. Jesus is alive today, in heaven, and wants to fill the void in our souls with the comfort of his Spirit. Life with God, or walking with God as a free person, can begin.

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