Writing is a catch 22

Writing is a catch-22, but I’m not talking ’bout the film or novel on which the film is based. Catch-22 is a novel and a film, but let me use the title’s meaning for the purposes of this post.

Saying catch-22 is synonymous with making a choice between two equal values and one or the other won’t really do considering that you’re in a predicament between the two.

So, writing is a catch-22 in that sense or something like it. I mean that one may write a piece, but one way the writer thinks it needs revising, and on another way the writer thinks it’s probably good as it is and doesn’t need revising. What does the writer do?

I would say, just wait. Let the piece smoulder under the surface for a while until it’s ready to resurface and face the writer once again. Then, all becomes clear for a moment and the piece is either rotten or good enough as it is. The piece will either face the world or die or undergo a revision and then face the world.

If it undergoes a revision

The problem with revisions are plenty, but one takes the top of the list. The writer is too anxious to make the work perfect and in the process ruins what is a good or great piece. What, therefore is the solution to this weakness?

Well, anxiety will make one rush the piece. Calmness, clarity and patience is of upmost importance in revising a piece.

But always remember: the piece is probably better than the writer realizes. If not, you’ll know it as it is staring you in the face.

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