Why do Christians still sin?

I’m no biblical scholar or bachelor of divinity, but I am open to God and the Bible, and I try to read the Bible as it is. (Some have called me a theologian and scholar though, but unofficial.) I have read in the Bible that Jesus existed to save people from their sins. But why do Christians still sin? As has been said many a time, one needs to define sin so that one’s hearers understand what is meant by sin and why Jesus came to save people from it. So, for the purposes for this post, I think it is helpful to define sin simply. Sin is an action that displeases God to the extent that God finds it repugnant and can’t be tolerated. Sin’s worse than you and I think. But Jesus Christ came to save people from their sins. But why do people who believe in Jesus still sin? When someone believes in Jesus that should put an end to sin in their lives, shouldn’t it?

I’ve heard many arguments to explain this, none I must say were my own thoughts, and if I used those here, they would be second hand explanations, and not my own. But I do know that I believe in Jesus and that I can still sin. At times, sin cuts deep through my soul, and when it does, I was not saved that day from my sin. It was me who let it happen. I confessed the sin to God, but why didn’t Jesus save me before it happened, if Jesus came to save me from their sins?

I think it’s not as easy as all that. Jesus was on earth to save people from their sins. To save. God hasn’t eliminated the sin nature in every human being entirely. Sin is still there, in the sin nature in human beings. I may still sin again, somehow. Through all this, God provided the Lamb of God (Jesus) to justify me. By faith in the Lamb of God I am justified. In other words, I am under God’s grace. I still want to say no to sin and I have faith to believe that Jesus’s Spirit, which I have received, can enable me to say no to my known sins as I cooperate with God. This Christmas, we remember that justifies the sinner who puts their faith in him. And Jesus was born to enable one to overcome their sins and weaknesses, if one says no to sin, and lets God help one overcome their known sins.

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