Human, too

Is it okay for a writer to take a break?  Yes and no. First the no. No in that a writer shouldn’t take a break. Taking a break is not expected of writer, so should accept this and do their job as is expected. Since it’s deemed fit for a writer to not take a break then their should be no relenting on behalf of the writer. Keep on working until your eyes fall out and the screen turns purple. Do your job. Of course, writer doesn’t need to be told this, but is often told by peers and companions to get their motor running. What do you do all day in there in your room? Playing games? Bringing the mates over? Keeping the seat warm? Of course, these questions aren’t framed as questions, but as statements. So, the writer is considered a lay about and should get a real job. No one believes a writer actually does any real work except for the one nice word which was, “He burns the candle at both ends of the stick”, which seems to be about one’s endurance as a writer, or is a disparaging comment on one’s perceived religion, if one is believed to be Catholic. But this most undervalued of professions is given shock relief when a writer finally makes the big time and is praised for his enduring work. Nonsense that a writer shouldn’t take a break. Everyone knows or should know, a writer must take a break. We are not in the ‘civilization’ of the slave trade. In this day and age, writers like any other worker are allowed by right to take a break. Writers are the most underpaid but hardest and devoted of workers. They must take a break. Even a long one if necessary. Writers are human, too.

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