Submit everything or only the best?

Rejection seldom takes a writer well, but taking it on the chin can be enlightening.

Personally, I would like to see all of my articles etc. published. But this is unrealistic. One, my article may be inappropriate for the readers although on its own merits stands. Two, not everything of mine should be published. Why?

Simply because some of my pieces are better than others. So, when something is rejected, it’s not as good as the other pieces. I’ve learnt to see that there is always something better I’ve written. However, each publisher is different, so why not take a chance elsewhere? If there is another publisher that caters to the work that was rejected.

Generally, the lesson is to know which one’s are better and should be sent to a publisher — or failing that just take a risk and send something one is not so sure about. How does one know unless putting it through the submission process? Yet instinct may caution sending it.

In the final analysis start with the best work and work the way down. That’s what I’ve learnt from a piece that was rejected this week. It wasn’t as good as some others I could have sent.

So, start again, with the best works, not the top of the list. Don’t need to methodically tick off each piece that’s higher up alphabetically, but that aren’t so good. Submit the best pieces, and perhaps I should add only submit the best pieces.  Ever. Because they always have a better chance of being accepted.

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