The writer with entitlement [read: high level of motivation] is a storm force

Motivation can be an issue for a writer if not on assignment. I mean, although it’s possible for a writer not on assignment to be extremely motivated, it’s also possible that a writer not on assignment is unmotivated to produce their own material without much external pressure.

Pressure to get the assignment done is motivating, but without that pressure a writer may stop writing.

In those times, when there isn’t an assignment, I’m either inspired to write something or like I’ve said I just don’t bother.

But the writer with a sense of entitlement probably can do anything they set themselves to do. I don’t think I’m in that camp, but I’ve wondered what it feels like. To write off several books without a worry.

I found if I had a publisher in mind that was going to foreseeably publish my work, I did the work no worries. But when I wrote on speculation, without the expectation my work would get published, it gets harder when there’s been rejections with the work. The cumulative effect can be draining.

Expectation can also be a crippler as expectation doesn’t always match reality. But alas, one has hope one will be face the road blocks with ease one day.

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