How one says something

The way something’s written can disguise any sort of attitude, agenda, and intent. Back in the Golden Era of Hollywood, some writers could carefully hide their beliefs in the script. The censorship of the time didn’t allow them to express something in the open. Today, carefully concealing a thought, attitude and belief is a tweak of a word away. Just say something a little more palatable than crude or more obvious.

It’s something that may or may not get the message across. The meaning is so concealed and disguised it may go unnoticed. But the thought, attitude and belief is present, perhaps only known to the writer, intended to convey a meaning, though hidden it is. Readers may not really know, but some may.

However, the point of writing in hidden meanings is that the writer is safe irrespective. The writer gets to say what he wants to say, and gets it off his chest, in an environment that may not accept him saying something more plainly. If he did, a raucous may ensue. I’d rather avoid such hidden meanings because, although I may have an attitude, I don’t want to let it affect my writing. Putting in hidden meanings, if done badly, can make the story feel fuzzy. Too much is going on. Keep it clear, then. But if one would…

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