I stand corrected

There’s nothing like getting all of the writing piece right; there’s a sense of satisfaction. Then it takes something more to correct one small part to get it 100 per-cent right. They tell you, politely, that something needs redoing. It’s seemingly insignificant, but one understands, in fact what they say is 100 percent correct and something needs correcting. But it takes more time than anticipated to correct this seemingly insignificant detail. But it must be done, I have no doubt.

I had a guy who said to me to just write it and not to worry about the way, shape and form so much. Just do it. He’s wrong because he’s not a writer and may not even be a reader. It does matter how things are written. The little nuances and details add up a great deal. The way it is written matters in terms of how it will sound to the reader. So, it’s very important to make the writing sound the way it should.

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