Research can get done, but before it does, read for leisure as well as research

If your too focussed on your research, it can drain rather than sustain.

Research may start off promising and enthusiastically especially if one likes the subject.

If one is interested and engrossed in research at work, it’s a bonus, rather than researching something you don’t care about but it pays the bills.

However, if one can apply their brains to something then researching any subject may at least be interesting…yet some subjects are just boring depending on who you are.

Personal research or research done on one’s esteem rather than a boring subject done for work is done with a lot of enthusiasm.

But if you start focussing on your purpose for this fun research, like I do, it can drain the life out of the research and it starts bogging you down. It is no longer fun.

A solution is to take a break for a while and read for leisure like one would normally do. Reading for leisure is important as it relaxes the brain.

If your fun research becomes a trudge through mud, get back to basics and read something for leisure rather than concentrating on your purpose. Focusing on your purpose can drain the life out of your research, so take five. Even start reading the same thing but for leisure.

It sounds funny to research for fun, but one’s interests can take one there like learning about your family history.

In terms of personal or fun research, it is also important to stick with your original research plan and not give up – done in stages rather than in one bout. It can get done.

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