Is God interested in our lives?

Some philosophers have said that God has created the world and leaves the rest to our own devices. So, how can God be remotely interested in us? Yet if God hadn’t created the world, he wouldn’t be interested in us, but since God did create the world, he is interested in us. That’s one answer I have for the existentialist philosopher. God must be interested in people, since he first created human beings. It makes no sense to say that God created the world then having lovingly created human beings left us alone. God is very interested in our lives.

Yet God’s involvement in my life surprises me at times. Sometimes I doubt it. I’m reminded of the line in the 1982 film Gandhi where a priest says to Gandhi, I’m not so egotistical to think that God is trying to solve my every day dilemmas. But there’s a verse in the Bible that says to present all your anxieties to God. Give your concerns to God and he will look after them.

So, I talk to God about my life. There are times when I look at what’s happened and think God must have had a hand in it. I give it more than a rational reason. I call it more than co-incidence. God, the great composer and conductor.

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