Liking serials not a fine science

I love the idea of a serial of books, the epical feel of a serial.

A serial is about the same characters in a long or short series of adventures. Even if the number of books is overwhelming, a serial’s “aura” attracts one to the whole package irrespective of how long it takes to read each book in a serial.

What is this apparent “aura”? What makes one buy a particular serial and read one book after another until the serial is finished, and then there is another book in the serial coming out to look forward to? Is it the cover of the first part? Or is it the covers of all the parts with a distinctive signature look? Is it the look of a character’s face? A special effect, perhaps? Or is it the title, like “The Adventures of Saint and the Leopard and the…” and so on. Perhaps something bizarre?

In the end it comes down to how one connects to the product and this is not a fine art or a fine science. It just happens.

I had a whole slew of Hardy Boys books. But I didn’t read them. The impression is what counted in this case. The appearances counted even as the reading of them didn’t. The mystique or “aura” of the serial mattered even as the series of book remained on the book shelf, unread. However, one can sit down and just read it, some day. To take the plunge. But whatever it was like reading it, serials will always remain mysteriously etched on my mind as something special.

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