The possibility of knowing God

God is not out in some far flung super spiritual corner of the universe.

The secret is out of knowing God and having his life when a mind is illuminated to God’s reality and it comes as an overwhelming surprise.

A heart becomes filled with God’s new life, strengthening one. Now one knows: God is real. His life is real.

I am talking about knowing God through Jesus Christ and experiencing Christ’s life.

In the natural world, this isn’t possible, that is why it’s a secret. In the spiritual world, it’s possible to know Jesus and have Jesus’ life flow through us.

If one was open to Jesus Christ and invited him into your life, then through him, God can reveal his reality and give new life. Just get on your knees and call out to him from the heart.

Does this happen to every person who prays for it? Not necessarily, but it’s possible. It may come unexpectedly.

For those who don’t experience God this way, there is still faith. “Blessed are those who have not seen yet still believe” is what Jesus said. Jesus was talking about those who were not directly with Jesus and hadn’t touched, seen or been with him. Jesus’ disciples were there with him and truly saw him living and breathing and they saw Jesus after his resurrection. Today, some may know Jesus by a reasonable faith. Others may see Jesus with spiritual eyes and believe. In the gospels, all of us have the evidence of Jesus and his life.

However one knows, knowing Jesus is still possible today.

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