Save one’s self some agony

This year I thought I would write two in-depth pieces about the subjects of change and God’s love, but something stopped me in my tracks. Unbridled enthusiasm turned into conscientious objection.

I was keen on writing them, even started on one article. This kind of enthusiasm can be infectious. But I had a nagging doubt. Have I looked closely at the publications? Am I headed in the right direction by starting on the article.

I had a hunch of the kind of content the publications may use, but they weren’t the right publications on further inspection. They didn’t approach the subject the same way that I would.

Unbridled enthusiasm was reigned in, where looking closely replaced overlooking.

Despite the subjects being of common, I came from another approach.

So, the lesson of this story is: the commonality is the subject, the differences the approach to the subject and the kind of content used.

It’s good a thing to know if one is heading in the ‘wrong’ direction.

Save one’s self some agony down the road when the article would have been rejected if one had submitted it.

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