Market research beneficial

More publications are biting the dust. Revisiting some publications that I’ve thought of submitting to, I’ve noticed some have ‘shut-up shop’, the sad grave stone saying “final issue was..”.

It was a tad sad that I could never submit to those publications, but it’s also sad that more publications bite the dust.

There are others that are “no longer accepting unsolicited manuscripts” because obviously they have their full. There were others that weren’t a good fit for me.

And there was one, yes one, that seemed right, and I considered taking out a subscription to research the publication.

That’s the first thing my writing tutor told me: always research the market first. That was the first module–on market research.

It’s beneficial to research the market because one understands the publication and what one could offer it, how one could contribute, even with a bit of imagination to get in there.

I don’t consider every publication, but although some are lucrative, they would not fit in with me personally.

Though I could somehow “adapt”, I don’t take the risk. Anyhow, not everything is going to be good.

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