Contributor adventures and misadventures

Contributing has the share of busy times and quieter moments as far as I know. There are also the times when a contributor may look for that next publication to contribute to, but it is slow in coming.

A contributor may have self-publishing work, but may keep on looking for that next publisher and if it’s a nice fit.

The rejection is two-fold. The writer may reject a publisher as unsuitable from the outset and the publisher may reject the writer after the writer submits a piece. And if in the throes of a job, one of the parties may terminate the job.

But if going by track record, a contributor has faith that their work has potential and can be picked up again.

It’s a faith-building exercise when someone accepts your work when there had been a number of set-backs in the process of submitting. So the lesson, if there is one, is that when one gets an acceptance, it will build confidence to submit to the next one. But no one needs me to tell them that. It’s pretty self-evident.

Through the quieter times of researching the next publisher, one must persevere as best as possible, and keep on waiting and see what happens. Then after a while one can see what kind of future their contributing has.

One must have faith, but also be realistic, after all is done to pursue the possibilities.

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